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Geologists will tell you that the Great Glen divides the North of Scotland along a line from Fort William to Inverness and that the fault is a very old feature and has been active since Mid Devonian times (c.400 million years ago).
The thousands of tourists who flock here each year will tell you it’s fantastic: the scenery, the wildlife, the outdoor activities, the sailing through the Caledonian Canal.

The Great Glen footpath is 73 miles between Fort William and Inverness and it’s a walk through Scottish history, a magnificent slice of Scottish landscape and some very interesting geology.

Loch Ness is the largest of three lochs located in the Great Glen. The present day Loch Ness is about 10,000-years-old and dates from the end of the last Ice Age, which lasted more than 20,000 years. Old enough to be home to creatures that should have died out a long time ago, you might think. Keep your eyes peeled and the camera at the ready.

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