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From the thriving, bustling city of Inverness, capital of the Highlands and sitting between the northern end of the Caledonian Canal and the Moray Firth – to the southern tip of Loch Ness and historic Fort Augustus, this map carries you on a journey of mystery and monsters through waterways and glens that have been used as transport routes for thousands of years.
Fort Augustus, renamed after King George II younger son, Prince William Augustus, and fortified after the 1715 Jacobite rising, Cille Chumein, to give it its original Gaelic name, so called after St Cummin who built the first church there, is famous today for its historic Benedictine abbey, built in 1876, somewhat ironically on part of site of the army fort.
It is also an important link in the Caledonian Canal, with the north/south and east to west waterway going through the middle of the village. North and west from Fort Augustus takes you on the popular route along the west shores of Loch Ness past the stunning battlements of Castle Urquhart from where you can scan the deep loch waters for sign of Nessie, the loch’s world famous monster. If you don’t spot her, take a look into the Monster Centre two miles further north at Drumnadrochit, where you can learn of the mystery that lurks beneath the waves.

To the north lies Inverness with everything you would expect of a busy modern city, while west of Drumnadrochit is beautiful Glen Urquhart and on into the tranquil straths and glens of Strathglass and Glen Affric.

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