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St Andrews

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standrewsDescribed as one of Europe’s finest towns, St Andrews attracts visitors from all over the world.


Perhaps most famous as the spiritual home of golf, you can play at its most famous course, the Royal and Ancient Golf Club, which has played host to some of the world’s champion golfers at the British Open Championship. A trip to the British Golf Museum should be on every golfing enthusiast’s bucket list.


St Andrews University, one Europe’s most prestigious, dominates the centre of town, with graceful ivy-covered buildings, enchanting quads and hidden gardens. Trendy shops, brew pubs and eateries cater to the student crowd.


Explore the Medieval centre of town via cobbled streets and narrow alleyways that lead to the castle, the ruined cathedral and the church of St Regulus, where you can climb the spiral staircase and enjoy stunning views of the area.

Visit one of St Andrews’ lovely beaches, such as West Sands, where the famous race scene from Chariots of Fire was shot. The Botanic Gardens and the Aquarium are top days out, and the Byre Theatre, one of only four 5-star arts venues in Scotland, hosts world class productions year round.


St Andrews is an elegant and historic holiday destination- no wonder is it at the top of so many visitors’ ‘must see’ list.

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