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ONE of Argyll’s largest towns, Campbeltown, on the eastern tip of the Kintyre peninsula, is a natural port, set in deep water and sheltered from the prevailing south-westerly wind by Davaar Island.
Originally called Kinlochkilkerran back in the 1600s, the Chief of the Clan Campbell decided that, as one of the key towns in his domain, it should carry the name of Campbell and so it became Campbeltown.

The town itself if home to many structures of splendid architecture, a legacy of Victorian wealth and status that made Campbeltown the centre of thriving industry through fishing, boat building and whisky.

Surrounding the town are numerous sites of historical and cultural interest, wide sweeping beaches and breathtaking views out over the Atlantic Ocean. While, within the town itself, there is a new leisure complex which has attracted a host of awards.

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Danvaar Island


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